Friday, 13 June 2014

With apologies for the creative drought, 24by36 resumes.  Some new directions ahead perhaps.  But, it hasn't been completely dry, some pictures have been made!

Near the lakeshore we always know spring has arrived when the "Mayflies" arrive in their uncountable swarms.  At least they don't bite like their contemporaries the Blackflies.  Having a cabin means we get both!

  Getting back late from the cabin often means an evening grocery run:

Waiting for my wife to return from Iceland at the airport, which despite it's international aspirations always manages a small town feel...

A favorite time of year at Lemoine Point is when the leaves are still very new and not quite fully grown, so the light can filter through:

World Cup or no, the trails at Marshlands are still an odd place to leave a soccer ball:

At Lake Ontario Park the old campsites are a lovely place to wander:

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