Wednesday, 23 April 2014

With the weather approaching bearable I'm getting out on my bicycle more.  I'm still looking for a good way to transport tripod and camera gear on a bike.  I went out on Latimer Rd over the weekend, which leads out to some typical Eastern Ontario landscapes: farms, country houses, stables, llama ranches...

Closer to home is Portsmouth Olympic Harbour, a place of many memories for me.  The building itself is a remarkable piece of trophy architecture.  Inside it's all rough concrete walls and reds and oranges, outside it's Le Corbusier's megacity in miniature:

(click on the panoramas)

But in the summer at least one can walk to the railing and look down on something much more organic: the colourful bustle of boats of all kinds.  In the winter the boats are all in their nests:

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