Thursday, 30 January 2014

The cold outside can be a damper on photography, but the cold inside my head has been a much greater hindrance.  Now the ice has firmed up right across the harbour and even out to the western tip of Simcoe Island.  At the shoreline there are piles of ice and amazing shapes and colours.

On sunny days the ice sublimates back off the sand, (above), and on shore willow twigs broken off by the earlier gales and freezing rain are half-frozen into the surface ice, exposed by the onshore winds:

This year the January Thaw was a bit of a non-event, only a milder and foggier week or so, but it was still a relief.  Every day I take my kids to school we walk under this elegant apple tree, which is one of my favourite trees anywhere because of its mathematical profusion of branches:

And just up the road across from the school itself, the same fog separated this trio of trees:

At the bottom of the street is one of those self-enclosed, insular houses, where the hedges grow wild and the cars never seem to move.  I can say for sure that that little camper hasn't budged since we moved here!

And then the snow came down again, and kept falling and falling:

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