Sunday, 15 September 2013

We went to England for a couple weeks, some time in Berkshire, Dorset, and London.  London is basically a theme park run by Eastern Europeans now, but perhaps I'm just getting old and jaded.  We did brave the August crowds to go on the London Eye, which really is an amazing piece of machinery.  I can say it gives an excellent view.

There is a growing number of outrageous skyscrapers built or being built in London, but the old city is still growing even where there isn't any room.  This made me think of Megacity One:


Another apartment block of the future:

Earlier, we had been to Lyme Regis, a quintessential English seaside town, famous for the fossils which are being eroded out of the tall soft cliffs by the sea.  Some of the boulders are almost as soft as soap.  The fossil in the picture was about 50 cm across, and in the middle of a morning organizing and negotiating family and relatives gave me a sudden apprehension of enormous silence and age:

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