Monday, 15 October 2012

I received as a graduation present a superb tripod, which I immediately put to use.  It helps me slow down and think while photographing,  but oddly enough it also allows me to add movement to my pictures.  These windy autumn days are great not only for colour, but also that sense of change which I hope to show in pictures:

Even in the depths of Lemoine Point (path #2, my perennial favourite) winds reach right down:

Between gusts:

And out under the breezy sky again:

I always end up pointing my lens out over the lake, where on this day the atmosphere was certainly in motion.  Like plants, the timescale of the sky is often so different that the great roiling atmosphere appears gentler than it really is.  Pilots and meteorologists know better, of course.

Even a quiet evening sunset can occur beneath violent air currents:

But stillness passes through often enough:

If you walk west from the Cataraqui Cemetary and follow the power lines, you'll find an extensive wilderness of deciduous forest and scrubby marshes.  Wherever you go you can hear the sounds of traffic and construction pressing in- these woods are only getting smaller.  I did find a forgotten billboard, now hidden from Highway 401 which it faces, an indication of how long this area has been left on its own.

Someone else was watching:


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