Friday, 28 September 2012

 A retired manure spreader on Gladstone Farm just north of the 401.  Gently rusting and resting under the green canopy.  Warm afternoon sun.

The overpass of Sir John A MacDonald Boulevard and the train tracks.  A clean sweep of concrete under a clean sweep of sky:

 Meanwhile, down at on the lakeshore strange things are crawling out of the primeval ooze...

...and hideous monsters meet their end on the rocks:

But really, a tree is no less a strange form of life, it's just that its ruthless struggle for life occurs on a completely different time scale, so that we are apt to see serenity and beauty where really only violent self-interest operates:

Now that summer has given way to fall, new patterns emerge from once living things:

Soon, it'll be hard to remember that things grew in such abundance during the summer:

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