Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Downtown on Ontario St, having an ice cream, I started looking at the first condominium to go up on the waterfront:

In the foreground is the old folks' home, with someone waiting for the bus.

The grounds of the Memorial Center have been renovated, but the barns and stables remain unaltered: old, ramshackle and strangely rural buildings in the middle of the city:

At the height of summer there is a very rural part of Kingston, namely the erstwhile prison farm.  They're still clearing away the huge bales of straw from the wheat crop that made this area look like the prairies for a while.

And in high summer the conservation area at Lemoine Point comes into its full richness.  Even though it's heavily used there are lots of places without people, and this early morning I was almost on my own.  This path at the north end nicely mown,

and this path on the east side almost overgrown:

Further along under the trees:

Path 2 is one of my favourites:

Down at the shoreline:

Across the Collins bay and up Collins Creek a little way, right behind some houses, another piece of wilderness...

We're members of the Marine Museum, as all good citizens should be.  Our boys always love to explore the Alexander Henry, and here's what I was photographing while they got wet paint on themselves:

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