Sunday, 22 July 2012

I found this creek in a very idyllic state a few weeks ago when everything was still green and lush.  I think the leaning tree has since blown down into the water, and after this dry spell the water is a lot lower.

I'm always amazed to find such natural scenes so close to town; Woodbine Road is 3m behind me and Collins Bay Road not 20m to the right.

Down on the waterfront the old Psych Hospital sits, awaiting a deep-pocketed developer, or perhaps the wrecking ball.

It's shut up and closed to the outside, as I suspect it always was even when it was in use.  Imagining what it must have been like in there when it was operating gives the whole building a certain menace.

But looking toward more hopeful sights- from Crerar Park looking southwest towards Amherst Island:

Found, in the crotch of a huge Willow while playing with our sons, the end of a bird:

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