Wednesday, 30 May 2012

I'm not sure if this creek has a name.  It runs beside Hwy 2 where the Westbrook Road crosses.  Here it is a couple of months ago, when the first leaves were coming out.  The creek dries to a trickle during the summer.  In Monochrome:

Machinery again!  Here, a backhoe.  There have been definite styles in construction equipment, which you can see in old books about diggers, but except for the corners getting rounded off or the cabin glass moulding getting more sophisticated, function mostly dictates the form of these machines.

Looks as if someone was a little enthusiastic with the grease gun, or there's a seal broken somewhere:

I find machinery fascinating because it embodies such a concentration of mathematics, logistics, and heavy yet precise manufacturing.  Construction equipment is a tangible example of human mental ideas changing the physical environment.  Not always for the better: if machinery is so rich in encoded meaning it's a shame it's so often used to create spaces as blank as this storage facility on Terry Fox Drive:

Back on the lakeshore at Crerar Park, trying to take pictures of the big emptiness that is Lake Ontario:

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