Thursday, 3 May 2012

Elevator Bay has changed a lot since I was young.  I can remember the grain elevators that used to stand where the apartments are now, and often there was a Laker moored there too.  Now much of it is developed, although the next phase seems to have stalled.  Here's the sales office for the proposed condominiums:

Meanwhile the wharf itself continues to slowly decay into the bay:

Further west on Front Rd, Reddendale Plaza is a plaza of a certain age, and this corner has a definite period look:

Although I'm often at Everitt Park with our sons, I continue to take pictures there.  It is a hidden gem; small but with very tall trees that make it a rather cathedral-like space:

A Lockup on Princess St that I found behind St Francis of Assisi.  The downtown core of Kingston is more and more the public face of the city, but I think that Princess St above Division St is a truer reflection of the city and its people.

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