Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Below the Isabel Turner Branch of the Library is an artificial pond.  Like so many of these urban drainage  renovations it is nicer from a distance, and not just because of the garbage that people throw in.  This one has peculiar dual concrete chutes under a bridge that seems optimistically high:

And of course, someone has thrown a shopping cart into the pond.  Why people bother to do this is a mystery to me but it leads to an uncomfortable conclusion - rather than simply leaving their stolen cart where they got tired of pushing it, that person took the extra effort to throw it into a pond so other people would have to see it.  That person lives here with us.

Near where we live is the erstwhile prison farm.  In the SW corner it has sprouted a mysterious fenced-off area...

And here, monoliths.  Of course they conceal an intricate fraction of the incredibly complex technical infrastructure that is an integral but almost invisible part of our lives.

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