Thursday, 26 April 2012

During this windy, cold April it can be hard to remember the calm, hot days of summer.  We like to take our boat to Milton Island for swimming and fishing.  Here's a picture from the shore:

But while cool spring takes its time getting out of the way,  the damp greyness is perfect for pictures of the  611 Truck Stop where I teach truck driving.  The Tractor part of a Tractor-Trailer is designed to look good to drivers as well as being suited to its basic function.  Most drivers don't own their rigs, but companies need to attract them with desirable equipment.  The trailers are simply designed to their function, carrying the enormous quantities of consumables around the country.

This tanker is a "B-Train",  because of the 5th wheel on the first trailer:

For every tonne that arrives in trucks, another has to be carted away.  Here is a garbage hauler:

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